A downloadable Friends are friends

Hello there.

I'm diamondking093, i am new to the game development community and i'd be glad to help anyone with game development

Now, let's get to the real thing you're looking here for.

Devlopers and Meaningful Friends





That's all of what i have here for now.


You are a child. Your goal is to escape an orphanage and get revenge on the murderer that had kidnapped your brother and get him out safe.But it isn't easy though, you must travel through an infinite stage of twists and depression until you reach your goal of finding your long lost brother. The name friendly dosen't mean this game is friendly, this game is dark.

the child must be saved


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For the admins and beta testers (currently none) this goes for you

I better not catch you leaking this game.

Everyone! I am not accepting beta testing applications.

So DO NOT ask please